Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Proverbs 31 {And a Simple Mother's Day Gift}

As I design these new prints, I am humbled because this Proverbs passage doesn't always describe me. In fact, if I'm being honest, it really doesn't describe me at all. But it's something I can aspire to be (through Christ). And I couldn't help but think about two women who do reflect this passage. 

My mom is the definition of Proverbs 31. As a wife and mother she is hardworking, resourceful, gifted, selfless, loving, a woman of God. We don't get to see each other as often as we would like. But she has still managed to be there in life's most important moments – like the the birth of my two precious boys. And even the less important ones – Sending the best packages in the world...sometimes for no reason! Sharing recipes and cooking tips (which I need often!) Commiserating over a rotten day. Taking calls at 2 a.m. when Tommy is away and I'm awake. Yes, she answers her phone even then! And of course Facetiming with my kiddos. She has always believed in me and cheered me on and I am so thankful for that!

The other woman is a dear friend named Anita. She is a wife and mother. Anita was a very important part of my life for a season while we were coworkers. She was an amazing encouragement when I was about the become a new mother and was anticipating life change. Through our conversations, she always pointed me back to God and His truth and taught me the importance of prayer for our children. I saw firsthand how that played out in her life and witnessed answers to prayer that today I can look back on say, wow, God's hand was in that!

Right now, my mom a thousand miles away in Iowa cheering on my youngest brother (a junior in high school) at soccer games and taking care of the family farm and Anita is sitting in a hospital room in Farmington fighting leukemia with a smile on her face. "She is clothed in strength and dignity. She can laugh without fear for the the future." Proverbs 31

I am blessed to have so many more than just these two godly women in my life. And I hope and pray that I will become a wife and mother like each of them.

So, here's a very simple gift you can give your mother this year. It really only took me 10 minutes to put together.

What you need:
Print (5x7 or 8x10, available here for digital download)
Patterned scrapbook paper
Solid scrapbook paper
Paper cutter

1. Choose a frame. If you're like me, you already have a few sitting around that can be repurposed for this kind of project. I chose an 8"x10" white frame. If you want to get crazy, you could even spray paint your frame a different color.

2. Grab your favorite patterned 12x12 sheet of scrapbook paper. (The largest amount of time was spent raiding my very unorganized craft closet for paper. I'm a paper hoarder, so I knew I had to have something that would work.)  Cut the paper to fit the frame.

3. Then choose a solid colored paper. (I literally chose the first color I could get my hands on.) Cut this paper to matte your print. Since I chose a 5x7 print, the matte is 5.25x7.25.

4. Glue/tape the print to the matte and the matte to the patterned background. Then place in the frame and enjoy or give as a gift! Simple! (Because something in life has to be!)

Two prints based on Proverbs 31 are available for purchase as prints or as a download here. They are 25% off through May 5.