Sunday, March 17, 2013

Are you ready for Easter?

I wish I could say that I spend more time preparing for Easter than I actually do. It tends to sneak up on me. This year my excuse is that there's still snow on the ground and my son's birthday falls the weekend before Easter. I can really only handle one thing at a time and the fireman birthday party comes first!

That said, I really do look forward to Easter! The snow is melted and Spring is on its way (well, maybe not this year, but one can hope!)... egg hunts ... Easter basket goodies ... Spring colors ... brunch ... coordinating dressy outfits for my boys ...

But most of all, I love the celebration at our church that takes place on Saturday evening and Sunday morning when we remember that Christ conquered death — and that makes all the difference! 

I'm also looking forward to teaching our almost 3-year-old about Easter. I love the excitement that a preschooler has for learning new things. What will you be doing with your kids? Do you need some ideas? Valley put together some great Easter resources for families. We'll definitely be doing the Resurrection Eggs this year!

And finally, here's a free printable for decorating your home this Easter. All you have to do is download, print, trim and put in a cute frame. It's really that simple!

I love linen card stock, so that's probably what I will print mine on — the same card stock that I use for all the prints in my Etsy Shop. (I promise it will go up on our mantel just as soon as our little boy's fireman birthday party is over!)

My Redeemer Lives Printable

Playing around with chalkboard style. What do you think?

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Happy Easter!

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  1. Love it! Thanks for the free printables! Hope to get mine up soon... :)