Monday, March 23, 2015

A Superhero Birthday Party!

On Sunday, my oldest turned five. Five, people. That's kind of a big deal.

For about 6 months he's been insisting on a Spiderman birthday party with all his friends. He hasn't even seen Spiderman, so I gave him some other options, but Spiderman it was, so I gritted my teeth (because I know nothing about superheroes and neither does he) and decided to put together a super hero party fit for my very social five-year-old.

I could NOT have pulled this off without my mom here to help me organize the activities and my husband to figure out the back-up plan for the pinata that was supposed to be outside. (It snowed that morning.) Oh, and my husband made an appearance as Batman! He didn't stay in the costume long enough for me to get a picture though. I think he planned it that way.

So here's a look at our favorite five-year-old Superhero and his super special Superhero Training Camp party. (Our favorite two-year-old Superhero is pictured too!)

Just had to add in this last one so you could see all the snow still on the ground on March 21. :/

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