Thursday, April 2, 2015

A few of my favorite Easter basket gifts

Check out some of these fun things that arrived in the mail from Amazon just in time to go in my boys' Easter baskets! (What would I do without a Prime membership??)

I'm excited to have a new Easter book to read to them. The Donkey Who Carried the King by R.C. Sproul looked really cute. It's from the perspective of the donkeys who carried Mary to Bethlehem and Jesus into Jerusalem.

The lullaby CD is another story. We've been having the battle of the music at night with one of our boys. He falls asleep to music at night and insists on the same CD every. single. night. Then he gets up in the middle of the night to turn it back on. It's not slow, soothing music, but rather, upbeat kids' Bible songs. Great for quiet time during the day, not for nighttime. If I have to hear that album one more time at night, I might cry!

So I did some searching and came across this one called "Hidden in My Heart: A lullaby journey through Scripture." I listened to the first song on Amazon and fell in love immediately. Now I'm praying my son falls in love too! I almost can't wait until Sunday to give it to him!

Does anyone else own this music? I bet it would make a great baby gift!

In addition to these special items, I found some Spiderman beach towels and swim goggles at Costco, bubbles, and a couple other outdoor toys for them. We're going with the "Summer-Can't-Come-Soon-Enough" theme this year! And for the first time I didn't buy candy. They are sure to get enough sweets from the Easter egg hunt we will attend on Saturday.

What are your favorite items to put in Easter baskets?

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