Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Our picks for School Valentine's from Pinterest

Do you make handmade Valentines? If you don't, please don't sweat it. I only make them because I usually have the basic supplies ready to go, and Pinterest makes it so easy to find free printables. Some years I design my own printables, but then other times you just have to know when to let go and let others do it for you! The hardest part was picking out of all the amazing ideas!

Here's what inspired us from Pinterest this year for non-candy Valentines.

Star Wars is always a winner for my son to give to his Kindergarten class. {We just started watching the movies with him.} Besides card stock, ink and hole punch, I found glow sticks and washi tape at Michaels.

There tons of these Star Wars printables out there. I just thought this one was well-designed, although others might not require as much ink.

Yoda Best Valentine by Design. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Preschool Valentine's made simple because what kid doesn't love their own balloon? We went with red balloons for my 3-year-old's class, again, from Michaels. And more washi tape!
You Make My Heart Pop by Love & Lion

And finally, something for their teachers. If I had more time, I'd look for fancier teas, but I just raided my pantry for tea bags to match the red design. Easy peasy! {I attached these with double sided craft tape and will put them in a flat clear back.}

You're My Cup of Tea by Crafted by Lindy

Find so many more ideas on my Preschool Valentines Pinterest Board.

Show me pictures of what you created, with our without the help of Pinterest!


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